How to Play Craps For Beginners

How to play craps for beginnersA lot of people are put off playing Craps because of the seemingly complex betting rules, this is our how to play craps guide for beginners. I have to admit to not understanding all the rules completely myself, but part of the fun is learning new ways to play, and Craps certainly gives you plenty of opportunities to do that. Play in Free Play mode for a while, and you will be hooked on this fast, exciting game.

How to Play Craps

Craps is played with two dice thrown from one end of the table to the other. Payouts are made according to the numbers rolled.

The ‘Shooter’ rolls the dice, this first roll is called the ‘Come Out’ roll. Three things can happen.

  • If  7  or  11 are rolled, it’s called a ‘Natural’.
  • If  2, 3, or 12 are rolled, it’s called ‘Craps.’
  • If  4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 are rolled, that number becomes the ‘Point’ number.
  • Before the first ‘Come Out’ roll, two bets can be made.

Pass Line Bet

 Player bets that the come out roll will be 7 or 11. (Natural.) Player wins if it is.

 Player loses if  2, 3, or 12 (Craps) is rolled.

 If a Point number is rolled, (say a 5,)  the Shooter continues to roll until a 5 or 7 is rolled. The Player wins on 5, and loses on 7.

Pass Line Bet

Player bets that the Come Out roll will be 2 or 3. Player wins if it is.

Player loses if  7 or 11 is rolled.   A  12 is called a ‘Push’. (Tie)

If a Point number is rolled, (say 5,) the Player wins if  7 is rolled before 5.

Any other bet is placed after the Come Out roll. The Player can keep their  Pass / Don’t Pass bets on the table, but the following bets work independently of them.

Come Bet

Bet that the first roll, after the Come Out roll will be a  7 or 11. Player wins if it is. Player loses if  2, 3, or 12  are rolled.

If a Point number is rolled, the Player loses if it is rolled again before a  7.

Don’t Come Bet

Bet that a  2 or 3 will be rolled. Win if it is.

Player loses if  7 or 11 is rolled. A 12 is a ‘Push’.

If a Point number is rolled, Player again loses if it is rolled before a 7.

Odds Bet

Once a Point number is established, you can make an ‘Odds’ bet. This pays out at true odds, based on the actual chance of a Point number being rolled before a 7.

For example, the number 10 is half as likely to be rolled as a 7, so 10 pays out at 2/1. To make an Odds bet, in combination with a PassLine bet, click the unmarked area below the Pass Line. (It will be highlighted when the cursor goes over it.)

To make an Odds bet in combination with a Come bet, click the Come chips.

To make an Odds bet on ‘Don’t Pass’ and ‘Don’t Come’ (called Laying Odds), click on the chips. Odds are reversed, so a 10 pays out at 1/2.

A Place Bet

Bet that  4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 will be rolled before a  7. The bet goes on the numbers at the top of the table, and ‘Place’ will be highlighted when your cursor goes over the number.

Lay Bet

Bet that  7 will be rolled before  4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.

Field Bet

A one roll bet that the next roll will be  2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

2 and 12 pay out at  2/1, the others payout at Evens.

Hard Ways

Bet that both dice will show the same number, (i.e. 2 and 2 = Hard 4)

  • Hard 4 pays  7/1
  • Hard 6 pays  9/1
  • Hard 8 pays  9/1
  • Hard 10 pays  7/1

(Note 2 and 12 are not included.)

Big 6 and Big 8

 Bet that 6 or 8 will roll before a  7. Pays at Evens.

One Roll Bets.

As the name suggests, i bets that one roll of the dice will come up as below –

  • 7 pays out at  7/1
  • 2 pays out at  3/1
  • 12 pays out at  3/1
  • Horn Bets – 3 or 11 pays out at  3/1.  2 or 12 pays out at  30/4
  • Any Craps – Pays out at  7/1

The table looks very complicated, but if you stick to a simple system of playing, any newcomer to the game can have fun, and make a profit.

One easy system is to bet 1 unit (say £5),  on the Pass Line. Then press ‘PLAY’ to roll the dice. The number that the dice shows becomes the ‘Point’ number, and the aim of the game is now to get the point number rolled again, before a  ‘7’  is rolled. To play this system you now need to put £15 on an un-marked section of the table, just below the Pass Line. Not many people know about this bet, simply because it’s an un-marked section, but the image below shows you where to place the bet.

Now roll the dice again. You win as long as the point number comes up before the number 7.


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