Casino War, Rules & How to Play Guide

casino war rulesProbably the easiest online casino game, Casino War is based on a simple card game that many people played as children. In Casino War, the dealer gets a card, and the player gets a card.

The one with the highest value wins, and if both cards have the same value, you play again, or ‘Go To War.’ That is basically the rules, but to make it more exciting, you have betting options at online casinos and can choose to go to war or not.

To start the game, you need to make a bet in the ‘Ante’ section of the table. Two cards will be on the table, face down, and once you have made your bet, click ‘Deal’. The cards will be turned over, and the one with the highest value wins. Note that in Casino War, Aces rank highest.

The game gets interesting when a Tie occurs, ie the cards are of the same value. Here, the player can choose to surrender, or ‘Fold’, and lose half the Ante bet amount, or ‘Go To War’. If the latter is chosen, a second bet, of equal value to the Ante bet is made.

The dealer discards the next 3 cards in the deck, and deals the following 2 cards onto the table, face up. If the players’ card wins this round, the player wins back the Ante bet, and the second bet is returned. But If the dealers’ card wins, both bets are lost. If the result is another Tie, the player wins both bets.

Top Casino War Tip

Some online casinos have a Casino War side bet, where the player can bet that a Tie will occur, but the house edge on this is a huge 18%, so don’t do it. The only real strategy with such a simple game is to never surrender after the first bet, always go to War, this lowers the house edge considerably.


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